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British Army's Land Rover replacement - Jackal

If they are the fuel tanks on the back of the Jackal, shouldn't they be armored? One attack could kill their vehicle by draining the fuel.

Jackal, the UK military's latest vehicle is put through its paces at Camp Bastion, southern Afghanistan. The new vehicles will give front line forces a much improved capability over the current weapons platform, the Land Rover based Weapons Mount Installation Kit, or WIMIK.

With improved armour, off-road mobility and load-carrying ability the Jackal is far more technologically advanced and suited for its reconnaissance and close fire support tasking than its predecessors [Picture: Corporal Ian Houlding]

Very interesting article on it here
... Quote:
Major Tom Wood, part of the team that produced the vehicle, said:

"I don't think we, as an Army, have ever bought such an incredible piece of kit before. It packs as much power as some of our tanks!"

Although incorporating a fully-integrated protection system and reinforced armour plating, Jackal's main defences are its mobility and agility. This makes Jackal perfectly suited to the operational terrain of southern Afghanistan, where speed and manoeuvrability are essential.


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