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What the little PLU stickers on fruit really mean

They can tell if your fruit is conventiional, organic or Genetically Modified.

Those PLU code stickers that you have to peel off your fruit and vegetables do more than just convey prices to the cashier. If you know how to read them, says Marion Owen at PlanTea.com, they can tell you a thing or two.

Conventional produce gets a four-digit number.

Organic produce gets a five-digit number that starts with 9.

Genetically modified items also get a five-digit code, but that code starts with 8.

4139: Conventional Granny Smith apple
94139: Organic Granny Smith
84139: Genetically Modified Granny Smith

From http://www.seriouseats.com/...



All PLU codes http://plucodes.com/search_...

Here is the PLU of a Gala Apple I am eating.

APPLES (4173)Variety: Royal Gala
Variety Info:
Type: Global
Category: FR
North American Size: 100 size and smaller
Rest of World Size: AFW = less than 205g

"4401": A four-digit code indicates conventionally grown items, here white-fleshed peaches.

plu.jpg - 10.54kb
By netchicken: posted on 20-4-2008

Again, Netty, you find useful and educational articles and bring them back for us all to read!
Thank you!
If the number is longer than four and starts with eight do NOT eat it.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 21-4-2008

I've never seen these stickers..Do they apply to all states ??
By IAF: posted on 21-4-2008

I've never paid any attention, but I am going to start looking.
Matter of fact, I need to go and get fruit and vitamins today.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 21-4-2008

According to the PLU site
... Quote:
The PLU scheme for identifying produce sold in bulk/loose at retail was first introduced in North America and has spread to include use by retailers in Australia, New Zealand and countries in Europe.

Maybe you just need to eat more fruit :)
By netchicken: posted on 21-4-2008

OK, I have just returned from WalMart.

the loose items have the stickers. All of them at my store start with 4. none have an 8.
I am happy.

Still, I usually get the bagged fruit. I drive myself nuts when I try and pick each fruit.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 21-4-2008

I dont buy a lot of fruit but when I have bought them, the only stickers I've found on them would be "product of Florida" or "product of the USA" etc. Maybe I need to search more diligently for the numbers. Usually when I buy fruits they are those cut and sealed assorted ones that are kept near the freezers which are ready to eat.

Well maybe next week I'll try looking through the fruit section of the supermarket.
By IAF: posted on 21-4-2008

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