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The seven donts in Shanghai - stop expectorating!

This list of 7 things that you can't do in Shanghai is quite accurate.

I had to look up expectoration and found it means "To eject from the mouth; spit. To cough up and eject by spitting."

So stop experctorating everywhere!

Virescence is the "The state or process of becoming green, especially the abnormal development of green coloration in plant parts normally not green."

Stop killing the plants!

Attaint is "A mark of discredit or disgrace"

So stop disgracing public property.

Someone has overused a thesaurus in making these don'ts.


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By netchicken: posted on 24-4-2008

It's terrible. In a way it shows the Chinese attitude also. Which is merely pompous and shallow.

They go to all the trouble of digging up words like "virescence" and "expectoration" but fail miserably when it comes to simple grammar and come up with ridiculous sentences like: "Don't smoking in public concourse" and "Dont random walk through street".

This simple sign post reflects those Chinese attitudes well. For example, the need to build 1000 sky scrapers in Shanghai when people just outside Shanghai live in shanties and squalor is typical of this attitude.
By IAF: posted on 24-4-2008

Gee thats a pretty damning comment to extrapolate over some bad chinglish. I am sure its a matter of the translator using words from a thesaurus in an attempt to be more accurate not realising that they are not in common usage.

I don't think you can pull a social comment out of those 7 points other than to say that people in Shanghai are being asked to become urbanised. You should see the social controls in Singapore for strict.
By netchicken: posted on 25-4-2008

Well it might be a stretch but I think it hits pretty close to home .

Anyway, even in the US there are sign posts which say, Do not spit .What wrong with using the right term which everybody can understand.
By IAF: posted on 25-4-2008

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