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British tourists amazed at how safe America is

British tourists coming from a 'gun free' yet crime ridden country are amazed at how peaceful it is in America. (BBC article)

Brits arriving in New York, hoping to avoid being slaughtered on day one of their shopping mission to Manhattan are, by day two, beginning to wonder what all the fuss was about. By day three they have had had the scales lifted from their eyes.

I have met incredulous British tourists who have been shocked to the core by the peacefulness of the place, the lack of the violent undercurrent so ubiquitous in British cities, even British market towns.

"It seems so nice here," they quaver.

Wait till you get to London Texas, or Glasgow Montana, or Oxford Mississippi or Virgin Utah, for that matter, where every household is required by local ordinance to possess a gun.

Folks will have guns in all of these places and if you break into their homes they will probably kill you.

They will occasionally kill each other in anger or by mistake, but you never feel as unsafe as you can feel in south London.

It is a paradox. Along with the guns there is a tranquillity and civility about American life of which most British people can only dream.

What surprises the British tourists is that, in areas of the US that look and feel like suburban Britain, there is simply less crime and much less violent crime.

Doors are left unlocked, public telephones unbroken.

One reason - perhaps the overriding reason - is that there is no public drunkenness in polite America, simply none.

I have never seen a group of drunk young people in the entire six years I have lived here. I travel a lot and not always to the better parts of town.

It is an odd fact that a nation we associate - quite properly - with violence is also so serene, so unscarred by petty crime, so innocent of brawling.
By netchicken: posted on 27-4-2008

Damnit, Netty! Why are you advertising this kind of stuff?
We've worked pretty darned hard to create an illusion and now you take it upon yourself to disspell it?
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 28-4-2008

The reason NY is so safe is not because there is no "violent undercurrents". IT is because the NYPD is given full support and encouragement to put as many new holes into any violent types as they possibly can. That coupled with the Mayor's office blessing and stringent punishments, the city has got out of the gutter.

Forget the British. My dad lived in NY in the 70s and he wasnt too sure about the place. So coming from dingy old England it can be a breath of fresh air.
By IAF: posted on 28-4-2008

If you want to go to any other country around the world, you have to take so many precautions. I went to paris with my teacher once, and she suggested wallet chains, a special bag to carry all important documents such as our passports, as well as a back-up bag in our luggage with copies of our identification. When moving our luggage, we had to maintain a "strong grip" on it, (we learned this when some dude sprinted past, and took my friend Jessica's hand bag that she had set on the ground. luckily nothing important was in it, just makeup.). We weren't allowed to wander even a block from the streets that we were taking for the tour, and we weren't allowed to give money to beggars and/or children, or even let anyone touch us. We were also advised not to bring anything that we wouldn't want lost, stolen, or broken. I wouldn't say that I didn't have a good time, Paris is Paris after all, but it was definitely no walk around Chicago.

P.S. Even though some cheese's are bad smelling, they're very good. Though the pasta wasn't very special for me. I'm sure it was tough work making it, but I prefere chef bourardee's ravioli.

P.S.S I imagine germany would be much worse, especially at night. My friend holds to the idea that because teens are allowed to drink in germany, they'll be more responsible. He bases it off some notion that the reason teenage drinkers in the U.S. will get so drunk is because it's illegal, and since it's not illegal in germany its not that big a deal to drink. I believe that teenagers get drunk, throw wild parties, and behave irresponsibly because they are teenagers. In any case I've also heard stories of bands of drunks wandering the streets of germany by some other friends who have been there once or twice.
By peregrine: posted on 1-8-2008

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