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Human Rights Watch Unfairly Targets Israel

Human Rights Watch has systematically condemned Israel for "collective punishment" in the Gaza Strip, undermining its stated agenda of promoting human rights universally, according to a report released this week by the Jerusalem-based watchdog NGO Monitor.

The report, which provides a detailed analysis of HRW's publications and statements in 2007, compares the group's coverage of Israel with the way it treats other countries in similar situations, and concludes that its continued condemnations of Israeli actions are disproportionate and reflect a "clear, identifiable political bias."

"This report shows, yet again, that any claim of even-handedness by Human Rights Watch is hollow," said NGO Monitor's executive director, Bar-Ilan University Prof. Gerald Steinberg. "Their exclusive condemnation of Israeli 'collective punishment' is discriminatory, and should end immediately. HRW's continued disproportionate focus on Israel is not only an injustice, but it also allows some of the worst human rights abusers in the Middle East, countries like Syria and Libya, to escape serious scrutiny."

The Human Rights Watch Article
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 2-5-2008

Heh, can you really believe either side?
I would tend to punt for the NGO Monitor but lets not forget its a voice for Israels side. :)
By netchicken: posted on 2-5-2008

I am just waiting for the Palestinians to finally admit that they are fighting not for that sliver of land but for Islam. If they are atleast honest, it would be a start towards the end of the conflict.
By IAF: posted on 3-5-2008

Israel does have a victory of sorts that their tough stance has almost stopepd the suicide bombers. Surely that is a justification for their actions.

Suicide bombings in Israel have dropped off so significantly that the nation's security officials now dare to speak openly of success.

But the very steps they are taking to thwart bombers appear to collide head on with the government's agenda of achieving peace with the Palestinians.

It is a classic military-political dilemma. The progress in stopping suicide bombers, the vast majority of whom cross into Israel from the West Bank, has brought enough quiet for Israel to resume peace talks with the Palestinian leadership there.

But the current calm is fragile, and to maintain it Israeli security officials say they must continue their nightly arrests and sometimes deadly raids in the heart of the West Bank - tactics at odds with a peace process that envisions a separate Palestinian state, an eventual Israeli withdrawal from much of the West Bank and, in the meantime, a gradual handover of authority to the Palestinian police.

"The price of staying out" of the West Bank, said a senior Israeli military official, "might be one that we don't want to pay." The military's faith in its efforts comes across in charts showing a steep decline in suicide bombings - from a high of 59 in 2002 to only one in 2007, and one so far this year.

More on the link
By netchicken: posted on 3-5-2008

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