Famous ancient theatres around the world

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Famous ancient theatres around the world

Here are some famous ancient Greek and Roman theatres that still remain. I have visited a few and am amazed at the construction of such immense works. The rooms underneath the theatre are often up to 20 feet high with immense stone blocks.

On the web site the famous theatre in Ephesus is shown, however I found that because Ephesus was substantially rebuilt by the archeologists or workers. it reminded me of a Hollywood set rather than an authentic site. You could see that some parts just didn't fit together.

Two that amazed me and are not mentioned are Militus in Turkey. This immense totally man made theatre rises out of the flat land, so huge that there was a Byzantine fort built on top of it at a later time.

This is from a distance showing the fort on the top of the Militus Theatre



Here is the size of the rooms under the Militus theatre

The second was Myra in Turkey, the home of Saint Nicolas who became 'Santa Claus'.

Link to the article with the other photos

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