The tragedy of Chinas earthquake - corrupt public works killed school children

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The tragedy of Chinas earthquake - corrupt public works killed school children

The tragedy of China's earthquake is that the public buildings such as schools collapsed entirely while older buildings withstood the quake.

As a result of corruption the schools are build with poor quality concrete which collapsed like cards upon the children inside.
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The contractors can't have been qualified. It's a 'tofu' [soft and shoddy] building. Please, help us release this news,

About 450 were inside, in nine classes and it collapsed completely from the top to the ground. It didn't fall over; it was almost like an explosion.
The distraught couple's neighbour, still half-hoping for a sight of her daughter, burst out angrily:
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Why isn't there money to build a good school for our kids? Chinese officials are too corrupt and bad.

These buildings outside have been here for 20 years and didn't collapse - the school was only 10 years old. They took the money from investment, so they took the lives of hundreds of kids. They have money for prostitutes and second wives but they don't have money for our children. This is not a natural disaster - this is done by humans.

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A student aiding a classmate still in the ruins of a high school in Beichuan County.
Photo: Chen Xie/Xinhua, via Associated Press

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By netchicken: posted on 14-5-2008

The Chinese have played simcity with their country for too long. Some of this was bound to happen.
By IAF: posted on 14-5-2008

The crackdown on dissent is rolling, time to silence those who tell the truth about the corruption in the construction industry

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Chinese authorities have detained a retired teacher who criticized the shoddy school construction that led to the deaths of thousands of children in last month’s devastating earthquake, a Hong Kong human rights group said Wednesday.

The report by the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy could not be independently verified. But observers say the detention of Zeng Hongling, who wrote about official corruption in school construction and post-quake relief efforts, fits a pattern in which the Communist Party is tightening the noose around an increasingly vocal civil society.

According to the rights group, Zeng, 56, a retired teacher at the Southwest University of Science and Technology in the city of Mianyang, was detained June 9 in Chengdu on charges of “inciting state subversion.”


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Chinese police dragged away more than 100 parents as they protested today over the deaths of their children in schools which collapsed in the Sichuan earthquake.

Officers in Dujiangyan bundled away sobbing mothers clutching pictures of their sons and daughters, according to the Japanese news agency in Kyodo.

The Associated Press said the parents were kneeling in front of the courthouse yelling “We want to sue”, when police began to pull them down the street. Their children were among the 270 students who died at Juyuan school.

As many as 9,000 pupils and teachers died in schools destroyed in the disaster, according to figures compiled by Reuters. The government’s promise to investigate whether substandard building linked to corruption was to blame has yet to allay families’ outrage and wider public concern.

By netchicken: posted on 21-6-2008

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