UFO\'s in historical paintings? Nope, just symbolism

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UFO's in historical paintings? Nope, just symbolism

Diego Cugohi examined many of the strange, saucerlike objects hovering in the background of Italian renaissance paintings, and applied a thorough knowledge of Christian iconography to show that most, if not all of these examples can be explained as representations of saints, the holy spirit, angels etc.

Cugohi also looked at a myriad of websites dealing with UFOs in old religious paintings and explains:
... Quote:
No one of the authors of these web sites takes into account the symbolic meaning of these strange elements in respect to the art of the period.

Worst of all, by considering these elements as the representation of something real or really seen by the artist, they assume that the artist, or an anonymous Byzantine painter, would actually be allowed to insert any non canonical or un-codified element into a religious representation.

On the contrary, in past times the commissioners (those who choose the subject and supervised the execution of the art work - in these cases the religious institutions) would have never allowed the artist to insert into a work of art anything other than what previously decided, especially in case of religious subjects.


This is one of the oldest documented UFO-in-art cases because the first articles about it were published in the sixties, in the French magazine “Spoutnik.”

This fresco was “discovered” by Alexandar Paunovitch, a student at the Academy of Arts of Yugoslavie in 1964. After this early publicity, the pictures were featured in many books about UFOs. On many web pages we read that the two objects in the sky are, without any doubt, “spaceships with crew.”

But this Crucifixion also follows the common iconographic model of the Middle Ages. The Sun and Moon, represented as human figures, are visible in many Byzantine-Orthodox sacred paintings.


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