Ufo explodes over Vietnam

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Ufo explodes over Vietnam

A UFO exploded in mid air – showering a small Vietnamese island with metal-like debris.The unidentified flying object is NOT believed to be a plane as none have been reported missing in the area.

The question is why are WE the only planet in the Galaxy to have such incompetent UFO pilots? UFO's seem to be crashing around our ears, and now they are exploding as well.

Investigators are working on the theory the explosion happened five miles above the ground.

A search of Phu Quoc island off southern Vietnam uncovered shards of grey “metal” up to four feet long.

Soldiers combed the area for clues yesterday as airlines in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand insisted none of their aircraft were missing in the area.

Villagers in the nearby Cambodian province of Kampot said on Tuesday that they had heard a loud explosion.

A day later they found chunks of material near the coastline.

After the explosion Kung Mony, of Cambodia’s Air Force, claimed it could have been a foreign plane but he later backed down from the theory.

One explanation could be that the plane was a military one – but none of the nearby countries has admitted to losing any aircraft.


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By netchicken: posted on 29-5-2008

You would think they would know if it was a UFO or not by looking at the metal. I don't believe its extraterrestrial.
By YCON: posted on 30-5-2008

I agree here is more on it


The images look like a plane, its not often that UFO's use rivets.

vietnam-ufo-pictures.jpg - 38.65kb
By netchicken: posted on 31-5-2008

We have to take the words Unidentified Flying Object more literally instead of assuming it to be an alien space ship.
By IAF: posted on 31-5-2008

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