Polar bear swims 300kms ends up as a rug - video

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Polar bear swims 300kms ends up as a rug - video

A polar bear swam from Greenland to Iceland only to be shot dead by police in the video below. Obviously it didn't have the relevant visa to immigrate to Iceland.

A footage of the first polar bear seen in Iceland in 20 years being shot dead by police has been posted online.

The bear, an adult male weighing around 250kg, was presumed to have swum some 300km from Greenland or from a distant chunk of Arctic ice to Skagafjordur in northern Iceland.

It was planned to sedate the animal and move it back to Greenland but the police decided it was safest to kill the bear immediately.

"There was fog up in the hills and we took the decision to kill the bear before it could disappear into the fog”, said police spokesman Petur Bjornsson.

Caution graphic footage: A video of the polar bear's death was posted on the internt by a news channel.

Environment Minister Thorunn Sveinbjarnardottir gave the green light for police to shoot the bear because the correct tranquiliser was not available in Iceland and would not be flown in for a day, Icelandic news channel Visir.is reported.

However, a veterinarian said he had the drugs available in his car. He also criticised police for not closing a mountain road where people congregated after hearing news of the bear, the Associated Press reported.

Polar bears were recently listed as a threated species by the US because its Arctic sea ice habitat is melting due to climate change.

US government scientists have predicted that two-thirds of the polar bear population of 25,000 could disappear by 2050.

Picture of the hungry tired looking polar bear just before it was shot.

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By netchicken: posted on 5-6-2008

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