Khalid Sheikh Mohammed wants a nose job

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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed wants a nose job

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is complaining about the shape of his nose in courtroom sketches. Apparently its too wide at the bottom. Is he afraid his nose won't go to Allah when he is executed?

USA TODAY's Alan Gomez reports that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed raised an unusual objection during today's proceedings at Gitmo: the courtroom artists' rendering of his nose.

Photography inside or near the courtroom is barred, and security personnel had to view the sketches before they could be released to the public. During that process, the sketch was shown to Mohammed's defense team, and the accused terrorist took a moment to sit back and look it over.

Defense Department spokesman Cdr. Jeffrey Gordon says Mohammed felt his nose was drawn too wide, especially at the base.

He said he wanted his nose to look like the FBI photo," Gordon says, referring to the picture distributed of Mohammed after his capture.

Gordon says the artist was not ordered to change the picture, but was given more time to properly depict Mohammed's appearance at the hearing.

"It shows the lengths we go to to take their desires into consideration," Gordon said.

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By netchicken: posted on 8-6-2008

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