Israel accused of buying banned Iranain Pistachios

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Israel accused of buying banned Iranain Pistachios

Everyone has an addiction and the Israelis are Pistachio addicts to the level of $20 million dollars per year. Obviously the best target for the next Israeli attack should be to gain control of the Pistachio fields followed by the Nuclear plants.

The U.S. ambassador in Tel Aviv has fired off an angry letter, accusing Israel of secretly buying copious quantities of pistachios from arch foe Iran, press reports said.
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I am writing to draw your attention to the troubling issue of illegal importation of pistachio of Iranian origin to Israel,
U.S. envoy Richard H. Jones said in a letter to Israeli Finance Minister Ronnie Bar-On, Israeli daily Ynet said on Sunday.

The trade — estimated at $20 million — is in direct violation of an Israeli law prohibiting trade with enemy states, Jones said.

He accused Israel of buying the pistachios under the guise of trade with Turkey, even after the U.S. brought the matter to the government’s attention.
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Of the two largest producers of pistachios – the Unites States and Iran – only the U.S. has duty free access to the Israeli market under our Free Trade Agreement…while Iran’s product is banned by Israel’s Trading with the Enemy Act,
Ynet quoted the letter as saying.

Despite close ties between Israel and the U.S., American producers hold only five percent of the market, the daily said.

Israel, the world’s largest consumer of pistachios per capita, says the nuts are imported from Turkey, which supplies 83 percent of the pistachios consumed within its borders.

The ambassador urged Bar-On to enforce the trade act – offering his help in a number of initiatives, including training Israeli customs officers to identify an Iranian pistachio, the paper reported.

Ynet said the matter was especially pressing, as thousands of Israelis are watching the European football championships, munching on their favorite nuts and unwittingly supporting the enemy.

Iran is under pressure to halt its uranium enrichment program, which the U.S. fears could be used to make a nuclear weapon — a claim Tehran strongly denies.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Monday that the EU
was to agree new sanctions, including freezing the overseas assets of major Iranian bank Melli.

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