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CBS News Correspondent hates US news reporting

Great interview with CBS News Correspondent Lara Logan on the appalling quality of the news on Iraq and Afghanistan in the US media.

I wonder how much of the current silence is because of the elections, bodies coming home doesn't make for good election coverage for McCain.

CBS News chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan told Jon Stewart she'd "blow her brains out" rather than watch US news ...

By netchicken: posted on 21-6-2008

I have to say that if I had to watch CBS news for any length of time, well, I wouldn't blow my brain (she has brains?) out, but I might shoot my TV to bits.

Again, if I am given the choice between the opinion of a reporter who has "been there" and one of the soldiers I know who have been there, guess who I will take as an expert?

Does this little young twit think that any war has been one on the television? Does she think that if she were to get to show the bodies of the dead on the boob tube we'd win faster? Exactly what is it that she has in mind?

Does she want to win, or does she want to be able to make the average, compassionate wife or mother sick of what soldiers have to face and demand an end to the fighting, regardless of who takes the victory?

I don't know what she is all about but I know what he is - a left-wing propagandist in a comedian's clothing. Who or what do you think he would make look good?

Think about it.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 21-6-2008

LOL. John Stewart is so funny and idiotic at the same time.

55 people died in Iraq and he is saying "have we lost our humanity?" Does he have any idea how many people die from violence of war, terrorism, natural disasters every day ?

Did he or anybody in America care about Islamic terrorism before 9/11 ? Islamic terrorism is not something that started on 9.11 or something recently discovered by America. Islamic terrorism has been present for the last 50 years in places like Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan etc.

This "Armageddon" that this witless reporter is talking about is "normal" life for hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Its presumptuous of her to suddenly come there one day and start pitying the people.

55 people dying in a bomb blast is normal and average level of violence on this planet earth. Just because we live in secluded and safe utopias on this planet doesnt mean we should forget what its really like.
By IAF: posted on 21-6-2008

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