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Future Combat Systems -North Korea 2014

Future military technology with the Future Combat System program incorporating new military technologies. Interesting video showing how enmeshed the military will become and how it might operate int eh near future.

I would imagine that the new vulnerabilities will be in the communication systems, taking them out by affecting communication technologies might cause the entire system to crash leaving the soldiers blind.

Video is a little gung ho, but interesting to watch.

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By netchicken: posted on 22-6-2008

The battlefield is not going to be this "clean" like the video is about. I think places like Iraq and Afghanistan have really opened the eyes of the Pentagon into future conflict zones to the possibility of large scale low intensity conflicts where the costs of maintaining such an elaborate and expensive network of logistics would be untenable.

When the costs to kill one rouge sniper is the same cost to wipe out an entire enemy regiment, these new technologies no longer justify themselves.
By IAF: posted on 22-6-2008

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