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The awesome image Fulgurator

I want one! This invention instantaneously projects an image onto a surface when a victim takes a photo with their camera.

The fulgurator ('Flash Thrower') senses the flash of the victims camera, and immediately fires its own flash projecting an image on to the target. The person taking the photo doesn't see the effect of the Fulgarator until they look at their photo.

Its an advertisers dream.

The device is a modified camera -- in this case, an old manual Minolta SLR. A flashgun fires through the camera from the back. The flash picks up the image of a slide inside and projects it out through the lens and onto any surface.

The trick is in the triggering. The Fulgurator lies in wait until an unsuspecting photographer takes a picture using a flash. When the device's sensor sees this flash, it fires its own unit, throwing up an image which is captured by the hapless photographer's camera while remaining unseen by the naked eye.

Now, imagine for a moment that an ad agency gets hold of this. You couldn't take a photograph of a tourist attraction ever again without worrying that some marketing crap would be pushed into your camera.

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By netchicken: posted on 28-6-2008

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