Woman dies in hospital waiting room no one cares

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Woman dies in hospital waiting room no one cares

A women in the waiting room of Kings County Hospital for 24 hours without help collapses and dies on the floor.

People go by and take no notice, only when a nurse kicks her to see if she was alive do they realize she had died.

Guards, doctors and others all saw her die and didn't respond.


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By netchicken: posted on 2-7-2008

That is the fate of all those who dont have decent medical insurance in the US. Left to die, alone in a waiting room, waiting for help that never comes.

If she had a good insurance policy. The nurses, doctors everybody would be all over her. That is the cold reality of medical care in America. Its not what the doctors want, its not what the patients want, its just the way things are to make medical practice profitable in America.

These incidents are there to remind the American populace of some important facts. Dont get sick, get the best medical insurance you can afford and poverty is death.

In short, you are only as good as the money you make.
By IAF: posted on 3-7-2008

How do you know that she didn't have insurance?
By Venus: posted on 3-7-2008

IAF, that is total BS and the only way you can believe that is if you are insulated in some sort of cave, fed information only by liberal idiots.

Where did you get it that she died from the dread disease of no insurance? She died because of an apathetic staff, assuming she wouldn't have died, anyway.

As a matter of fact, every bit of the rubbish you wrote is just that - rubbish.

To be as travelled as you say you are you should know better than to paint the U.S. as some sort of place where greed rules. I am truly ashamed of your rant.

That your rant is baseless is proved perfectly by the fact that this has been given such media coverage, which you should have thought of before you broke off into a rant that would have made Lenin proud.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 4-7-2008

I'm not saying that she didnt have insurance or the American medical system is the worst in the world. I'm just saying that she wasnt a priority because she didnt have a good enough policy.
I may have been harsh but it was only to convey a point. The point being that the malady is not greed but apathy. Greed is taking more than what is enough for oneself to the detriment of oneself or others. In the American medical system, everybody is merely trying to survive. The doctors, the nurses, the hospital and even the insurance agents, yet this is what happens. That is because the system is designed that way.

Do you really believe that a hospital like that could have run for this long if they left good patients to die in waiting rooms ? They would have been sued for all they were worth years ago. What I'm saying is that this is not just some "accident" or circumstance that this woman died. It is the product of the US medical system. Now, there are places in the world where such a person as her would have died on the street instead of a hospitals waiting room. But the question is not, how good is the American system compared to the world but how good is the system compared to what we expect!

Okay, let me be very objective and go over this again. The video shows a black woman, ALONE in the waiting room early in the morning. What does that tell us about the woman ? Was she somebody who looks like the kind of person to own a massive medical insurance policy ? The kind of woman who's family was there for her in her time of need ? Add to that she is a psyche patient. Lets connect the dots people.

And now add to that the probability of this hospital, a reputed and acknowledge hospital in the city of NY leaving a psych patient waiting for a bed almost naked for more than 2 hours unattended! Do you think such a poorly run hospital would have existed in a place where there are more attorney's per square mile than any other city in America ? Add to that this hospital has been around for 175 years in Brooklyn and is run by the Govt of NY ? What kind of person visits a government run hospital in the middle of a night with "psyche" problems ?

Now, we can all dance around the bush being polite and PC but we all know why there was such poor medical care. Its simple economics. There are people in American hospitals that are attended to by a whole team of doctors and nurses for something as silly as liposuction or a nose job.
By IAF: posted on 4-7-2008

You might like to add that the woman was waiting for 24 hours in teh waiting room before she died. I am sur that no one with insurance would have to endure that.
By netchicken: posted on 4-7-2008

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