Chinese armed police on segways for Olympics

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Chinese armed police on segways for Olympics

Now here is a novel way of getting around, the Chinese police are using Segways as a transportation vehicle for the Olympics. Tough luck if they have to go up some stairs...

Members of China's armed police unit during a anti-terror new equipment drill in Jinan on July 2, 2008 in East China's Shandong province. China have launched a series of anti-terrorist drills at a national level, to ensure security ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

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By netchicken: posted on 3-7-2008

Sometimes when I look at these Chinese soldiers all I see are token soldiers who are there more for looking like soldiers than anything else. Or maybe its the Chinese leadership that is so desperate to look cool. Either way its a nice way to employ a lot of people to act like the real thing.

This is a typical example of their foolishness. I'm sure these people have never faced any real combat nor have Chinese police understood what real terrorism is. Their stupid uniforms that are out of Robocop and their ridiculous assortment of weapons(sniper rifle on a segway?) just goes to show that these people are part of the attraction and not part of the security.
By IAF: posted on 3-7-2008

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