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When cats blink at you it means friend

Cats blink at you as a form of communication to say "Hey there friend". It certainly works with my cat.

CS Lewis talked about animals becoming more human as they interacted with humans, certainly its the same with cats.

Cats send all sorts of nonverbal signals, both to each other and to us humans. One of those signals is a blink.

If you own a cat and haven't ever noticed it blinking at you, keep an eye out. It usually happens just as the cat enters a room where you are sitting. It will notice you from a small distance, stop, blink both eyes once or several times, and then approach. Once you are on the lookout for it, the blink is quite noticeable. It's slower than a human blink and looks, well, intentional.

What is your cat trying to tell you? A blinking cat is a happy cat. Blinking in cats is a signal that they recognize the presence of another cat in their vicinity but they are not going to fight it. A blink sends the message: "You are my friend. I am not angry. I am not threatened, or threatening."

This kind of message is very important in the wild, where cats battle for territory. Run across a neighboring cat and you'd better make your intentions clear, or you may find yourself in a fight. The blink serves to say: all's well here.

If you don't feel silly doing it, try blinking at your cat, perhaps while stroking it. Sometimes our facial gestures can trigger a response in them. The two of you can have a mutual friendship moment, sending "I'm okay -- you're okay" messages back and forth.

So, why do cats blink at us, when we aren't cats and don't understand such feline messages? Well -- do you ever speak to your cat?


Read some of these great comments by people on the topic of cats blinking.

By netchicken: posted on 18-8-2008

Know what else means you are a friend? Squint your eyes a little while not looking directly at the cat. That says you are not looking for trouble.

Ever notice how people who don't like cats get their attention? That's why.
People who open their eyes wide and smile at the cat (showing their teeth) look menacing to a cat.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 18-8-2008

I was watching our cat last night and when I was playing with it with its small stuffed toy (a horse) it was blinking like mad at it. However the horse didn't blink back which must have confused the cat :)
By netchicken: posted on 19-8-2008

That really does make you think about what might have been going through the little guy's head, doesn't it?
You are making me want a cat!
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 20-8-2008

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