French troops killed in Afghanistan ran out of bullets

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French troops killed in Afghanistan ran out of bullets

Of all the ways to die, running out of bullets would be one of the most tragic. Sadly it seems this is what happened to the French soldiers who recently died in Afghanistan.

The "secret" file quoted by a Canadian newspaper said that the French troops ambushed on Aug 18 in a valley east of Kabul did not have enough bullets, radios and other equipment to sustain them through two days of fighting.

The report is likely to fan tensions ahead of a French parliamentary debate over President Nicolas Sarkozy's decision to send extra troops to Afghanistan. It promises to be heated, but Mr Sarkozy's decision will be approved as his ruling centre-right UMP party holds a strong majority.

According to the report cited by the Globe and Mail newspaper, the troops were forced to abandon a counter attack when the weapons on their vehicles ran out of ammunition only 90 minutes into the battle. One French platoon had just one radio, which was quickly knocked out, leaving them powerless to call for reinforcements.

The dead soldiers from that platoon "showed signs of being killed at close range", the report said.

By contrast, it said that the insurgents were well prepared and equipped, with expert snipers who appeared to have used incendiary bullets designed to punch holes in armour.

More on the link including NATO denial of the report
By netchicken: posted on 22-9-2008

According to Michael Yon the secret report was written by US Special forces.
... Quote:
If NATO and the French persist in making these claims, the secret report, written by American Special Forces who were present, could find itself on the internet. Certain embargoed details in the report are even more troubling than the facts that were published in the Globe and Mail article.
By netchicken: posted on 22-9-2008

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