Hostage drama - Bruce the giant pig terrified trapped woman

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Hostage drama - Bruce the giant pig terrified trapped woman

A huge pig called Bruce trapped a terrified woman in her home in Australia.

Bruce showed up at her home 10 days ago after his owners were unable to cope with him and let him loose in the rainforest. The 80kg pig has been found a new home after wearing out his welcome on small northern NSW farm.

Even though Bruce became quite aggressive, trapping Caroline Hayes inside her house and causing a bit of property damage, she did not want him hurt and told council officers not to use a trap to catch him.

Ms Hayes has managed to save Bruce's bacon and he is being sent to a local piggery where he may even be given stud duties.

After Bruce stumbled into Ms Hayes's yard in Uki, south of Murwillumbah, about 10 days ago, she and some neighbours began feeding him, even cleaning up some wounds around his eyes.

But the 63-year-old said Bruce became more demanding, especially when it came to food.

"It started getting very pushy, started pushing me around, so I started to get a bit frightened, until the stage that it started knocking on my door at 4 o'clock in the morning, actually head butting my door," she told ABC Radio today.

Ms Hayes said she had locked herself into her home yesterday afternoon and was too afraid to set foot outside until late this morning.

She said the pig pushed her, snapped a broom in half with his mouth and pulled a mattress out of her garage, tearing it to shreds.

The pig will spend one more night at the property before it is removed by pest and animal health ranger Neil Hing.

Mr Hing, who works for the Rural Land Protection Board, said he thought the domestic pig was set free by his previous owners when he became too much to handle.

"Someone's got him as a little fella and they've fed him and kept him and all of a sudden he's a fat pig and he's started to cause a bit of drama around the place," he said.

"They've said, 'we don't need this pig any more' and they've just let him go."

Mr Hing said the pig was about 12 months old and while he was not dangerous, he had the potential to be.

"They can become aggressive as they get a bit of age on them ... he could grow to ... 150kg," he said.

Mr Hing said he would speak with pig specialists later today to devise a plan, but suggested the pig would be lured into a portable yard.

It would then be bound for a local piggery.

A Tweed Shire Council spokeswoman said two attempts had previously been made to remove Bruce, but Ms Hayes - who is "an animal lover and a vegetarian" - didn't want a trap to be used.

The spokeswoman also said that reports that Bruce was the size of a shetland pony were "incorrect".

Mr Hing asked people to stay away from the property to ensure the exercise runs smoothly.

"I'm just a little bit afraid that people get to know where the pig is and they'll want to go and chase him," he said.

"It just makes it a lot harder."

Pictures of Bruce

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