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Ancient recipies you can make

This is fascinating, ever wonder what people ate in ancient Rome? Or what Elizabethans found tasty? This site has ancient recipes that you can make.

Its actually interesting how you can still read the Elizabethan English if you just look at it sideways.... (comes with modern translation)

To Make Pyes (from A Propre new booke of Cokery)

To make Pyes. Pyes of mutton or beif must be fyne mynced & seasoned with pepper and salte and a lytel saffron to colour it / suet or marrow a good quantitie / a lytell vynegre / pruynes / great reasons / and dates / take the fattest of the broath of powdred beefe. And if you will have paest royall / take butter and yolkes of egges & so to temper the floure to make the paest.
By netchicken: posted on 29-9-2008

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