Nobody wants to play wargames against the F-22\'s

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Nobody wants to play wargames against the F-22's

The problem with being good, is when you are too good no one wants to play wargames with you.

Also read the last paragraph, where 'clusters' of UAV's controlled by an F-22 would be a potent force.

According to Wynne, the Air Force is experiencing an odd problem. He noted that, in Stateside joint force exercises, USAFís capabilities are deliberately blunted because, otherwise, there wouldnít be much for ground forces to do. Soldiers in such training exercises "donít get to fight to the last man."

The airpower difference is replicated in real operations. "We reduced seven divisions of the Revolutionary Guard in a sandstorm," Wynne said, referring to the massive destruction of Iraqi armor by air in 2003 while US ground forces were halted by the weather. Global Hawk UAVs targeted the vehicles through and provided strike coordinates to aircraft flying above the billowing sand.

Wynne said the Air Force is having a hard time showing what its F-22 can do in realistic combat exercises. The problem has nothing to do with the fighterís capabilities. The problem is that no other fighter force wants to participate.
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People donít want to fly against it. Scarcely a moment after the radio call comes that the fight is on, the adversary aircraft get another message: "Youíre dead." What fun is that?

As a result, USAF has had to argue for the F-22 using "virtual" experience, which is less compelling than real force-on-force experience.

Wynne said he sees the F-22 as "the ISR platform on the battlefield," able to designate targets for Army, Navy, or Marine Corps airplanes. "I see the F-22 as being able to provide them the sweeping look at the terrain that you canít get [from other types of platforms] because itís going to be a lot closer," said Wynne.

Wynne believes the Raptor will be used for other unique purposes. He sees the F-22 in the role of managing wolf packs of unmanned fighters, which could multiply the weapons at the disposal of a single F-22.
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Two F-22s and four high-speed UAVs. The high-speed UAVs, by the way, could actually be modified F-16s ... [acting as] weapons carriers for the F-22." The F-16s could be made more cheaply because they would not need individual radars capable of seeing "deep.
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