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Military aircraft videos

Very good video of contemporary military aircraft. Some nice footage of flight and bombing runs. Pity about the soundtrack.

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By netchicken: posted on 31-10-2008

That was a very nice video, Netty, but it didn't show enough of my favorite fixed wing aircraft.

The A-10 Tank Buster is better known as the Warthog. This lady is so damned ugly she is gorgeous.

Like the AH-64 Apache helicopter, the A-10 is a tank killer. Unlike the Apache, though, she doesn't sneak into the battle field using stealth. The Tank Buster Busts through the front door and lets everyone know that the party is on and she is there to dance.

And dance, she does! With her wide control surfaces and powerful TF34-GE-100 turbofan engines, her yanking and banking ability might make one think that she is the ballerina of the battlefield.

But the enemy can attest to the fact that she ain't no lady, she's a bitch and when she shows up to a party, she's there to slam dance.

The Warthog is most famous for her GAU-8/A gatlin gun, created by General Dynamics. That puppy puts the "D" in both Dynamics as well as Death, as it can puts either 2,100 or 4,200 rounds on the target per minute, depending on the pilots selection. Each round is about 12 inches long and weighs over a pound.

That gun ain't the only thing the enemy has to fear when the Warthog shows up to the dance. She has 11 stores pylons and can be loaded with a variety of ordinance, including the Maverick air to surface missile.

The Warthog is heavily armored, the pilot sits in a titanium-enclosed cockpit that resembles a tub and the engines are set apart so that if one is hit the other won't be damaged. The point is, she can take a lickin' keep on fightin' and get home after the party is over.

The allied ground troops love to here her arrival to the party as she is awesome at close-in support for them. The enemy hates her, though, because she is nimble at slow speeds and can put any of her ordinance right on top of them.

Crazy thing about it is, she was just about to be put into the retirement home, but she proved she wasn't ready for a rocking chair during the first Gulf War. Now, the Air Force is upgrading her and plans to keep her for quite some time.

By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 1-11-2008

:sh they are going to start to fade out the A-10 in favor of the new stealth planes. like the f-22 raptor. that long range gives better protection no matter who armored the a-10 is. if you cant seem em' u cant kill em'.
By tastycakes: posted on 30-4-2009

Thats no good for low level work as they do in Iraq. If you can't go slow and low, and know that you are armored enough then you are of little use to the people on the ground. Those warthogs are great ground attack planes, and the F22 is no match for what they do.
By netchicken: posted on 30-4-2009

:sh the f22 is a far superior plane than the a10. granted, the a10 is better than the f22 at ground attack. but the f22 is a fifth generation fighter/bomber that is the most technologically advanced plane ever made. the a10 fastest speed is under mach 1, and the f22 cruse speed is well over mach 1 without afterburner.the speed is very important so the plane can get there faster to support the ground troops. the new "smart weapons" beat the a10 cannon hands down. the smart weapons guide them self onto the target from many miles away and do it with incredible precision. the cannon relys on the piolts ability to aim the plane at the target and fire the gun. the cannon could get jammed practically rendering the a10 useless. the cannon was not put in the air plane. the plane was built around the cannon. besides the military is finding new ways to take humans out of danger. so either way the a10 "was" a good plane. but good things never last long.
By tastycakes: posted on 1-5-2009

The a10 is designed for destroying armor and installations. Last time i checked, Al Queda didnt have tanks and bunkers.
By fredward11: posted on 1-5-2009

:sh but u are unfortunatly wrong. the al quead did have tanks. older russian made tanks. and they did have many bunkers. they found sadam in a small bunker.
By tastycakes: posted on 2-5-2009

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