US military considers ray guns

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US military considers ray guns

Some day soon we are gong to see these weapons in action and it will stun the world.

From correspondents in Virginia
November 23, 2002

THE US military is studying microwave and laser weapons as technologies to take the fight out of combatants without killing them, officials said today.

In a demonstration at Marine Corps Base Quantico, military officials with the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate described several of their projects designed to incapacitate an adversary or disable a vehicle.

This weaponry includes traditional beanbag shotgun rounds that can knock over an adversary without causing permanent harm, pyrotechnic stun grenades called "flash-bangs" and net guns to foul the propellors of a boat.

The military eventually hopes to adapt a heat ray that causes an intense burning sensation but during short exposures does no long-term damage.

The weapon is called "Active Denial Technology" and based on microwaves. The military envisions mounting it on Humvees to be used to control rioting crowds.

"Nonlethal weapons are a growing need for the DOD (Department of
Defence)," said Colonel David Karcher, director of the military's research efforts at Quantico.

In the longer term, researchers hope to use lasers to disable machines, such as heavy weapons systems or vehicles, without hurting the people inside, officials said.

In the 1990s, the Pentagon stepped up efforts to develop weapons to incapacitate or repel people with little risk of killing them, particularly after mobs attacked US troops during peacekeeping and humanitarian missions in Somalia, Bosnia and Haiti.

Some projects, such as sticky foams and electromagnetic pulse weapons that would disable car engines, have been abandoned over the years due to concerns the weapons were too dangerous or too expensive.

The Associated Press
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