Russia Aligns Itself with the Asian Islamic World

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Russia Aligns Itself with the Asian Islamic World

President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiyev has made it clear that Russia is aligned with the Muslim world and is its "natural partner."

"One can say that Russia has clearly defined its strategic path in the Muslim East"

As if we couldn't figure out Russian intentions by its deeds in selling high tech weapons to Iran and Syria and blocking any serious U.N. action to stop Iran's rush to nuclear weapons, the Russian president felt he had to make it very clear - he stands against the West.

Russia and Islam Against the West
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 3-11-2008

Russia seems to be quickly trying to create a new power block, with China and now with new Muslim nations. However many of those 'stans, are impoverished and of no threat to anyone, I wonder if they are trying to go back to the good old days with their buffer states.

Its always had a 'special relationship' with arab states. (Libya, Syria, Iran, etc) so really nothing hew there except its trying to buddy up with other states.

This is the problem that hopefully a new President will address, American political power and prestige is so low that Russia are able to step in and take the role of big brother from countries that might have looked to the west.

I have always thought that the west, and Europe in particular, has discounted Russia as a threat now that the 'cold war' has ended. Europe seems to be asleep in its own comfortable economies forgetting that Russia is still on its border.

I predict that one day in the not too distant future, when Russia feels ready, and Europe is nearly defenseless that we will see the beginning of the Third WW and Russian military sweep across a defenseless passive Europe.
By netchicken: posted on 4-11-2008

I donít think Russia would have the balls to take on all of Europe nor would they have any intentions to do so otherwise IMHO. I do however think they would love to get back territory they have lost.

If they were to go on such an aggressive land grab they would know full well it will result in ww III and thus full blown nuclear warfare would ensue, that I would say will produce no winners and make the whole venture pointless. Unless of course they have a fully working missile defence system that can eliminate any incoming nuclear missiles then who knows?

Even if somehow nukes werenít used I think the American military have shown their utter one sided dominance in warfare against an opposing army anyhow.

Like everyone else Iím not surprised by Russia being buddies with Middle Eastern countries, I can see their need for peace with surrounding countries and ultimately I think they are doing it solely for money, just as any other nation does. Whether thatís right or wrong Iím not sure but time will tell.
By Shan: posted on 5-11-2008

Europe is becoming more dependent on Russian fuel, both oil and natural gas. Russia is aiming more missiles at Europe, and it ally Iran is developing missiles that are able to reach Europe.

Whether or not it will invade Europe, it will certainly be able to call shots.

Why? Because we invested large sums of money in it, got it back on its feet and helped them become a power once again.

Go figure.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 8-11-2008

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