The John Deere Forest Walker

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The John Deere Forest Walker

This amazing machine doesn't need roads to move through the forest. It would be really good for extracting trees from protected areas.

In the works for a decade and a half, the Plustech Walking Machine is supposed to be an eco-friendly, log-hauling monstrosity; its six massive legs spreads the weight of the machine evenly, the company claims, to minimize any impact on the forest soil.

... Quote:
Depending on the terrain, the ground pressure can be adjusted by changing the machine’s six 'shoes.

When the machine confronts obstacles, it simply steps over them... avoiding significant ground disturbance and minimizing damage to tree roots.

The company's website doesn't have much detail on the machine. But, in pictures and videos, the spider-like Walker seems to be able to toss around logs and step through the forest with ease.

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By netchicken: posted on 5-11-2008

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