Nearly 40% of New Zealanders exercise 5 times a week

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Nearly 40% of New Zealanders exercise 5 times a week

I think its partly a result of our poor quality Television.
According to a new survey 1,578,046 adult New Zealanders complete at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week.

The Sport and Recreation New Zealand (Sparc) survey reports that a further 1,281,265 do some moderate-intensity activity each week.

The study was conducted between March 2007 and March 2008, with its findings the result of face-to-face interviews with 4443 subjects.

Overall, 95.8 per cent of Kiwis are said to have participated in at least one sport or recreation activity during that period with the most eye-catching statistic being the number who complete the five-plus sessions each week.

That might seem high to some but Lincoln University senior lecturer Dr Mike Hamlin said it tallied with the university's findings, even if he questioned Sparc's methodology.
... Quote:
The big problem with this data is it measures people via a report or a questionnaire, and that's pretty subjective.

We took some objective measurements last year and completed a report to be published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine after using acti-graphs on people, which measured their actual physical activity rather than them just saying how much they did.

We found that the figure for 30 minutes of exercise for most days of the week, which is five days out of seven, was 45 per cent, so that's pretty close. We used 70 adults, which is pretty good in terms of the equipment we use.

In terms of what moderate intensity means, Hamlin said it was exercise that made someone huff and puff and sweat slightly.

... Quote:
Most people walking at an average pace are just starting to get to moderate intensity.

On the whole it looks as though 50% of the population are active enough and I would say that's about right. We've done a lot of research on kids as well and we found, with the use of heart-rate monitors, that the figure is about 50% too.

Sparc research manager Grant McLean said the study was a watershed for New Zealand. Nothing this comprehensive had been done before and, as a result, his team had used a broad-brush approach to glean as much as possible.
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