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The woman that remembers everything

Jill Price, 42, can remember every part of her life since she was 14 but considers her ability a curse as she cannot switch off.

She described her life as like a split-screen television, with one side showing what she is doing in the present, and the other showing the memories which she cannot hold back.

Every detail about every day since 1980 - what time she got up, who she met, what she did, even what she ate - is locked in her brain and can be released to come flooding back by common triggers like songs, smells or place names.

Mrs Price, a widow who is a school administrator, sometimes struggles to sleep because the vivid memories crowd her mind and stop her relaxing.

Her condition is so rare that scientists had to coin a term for her condition - hyperthymestic syndrome from the Greek thymesis, for remembering, and hyper, meaning well above normal.
By Venus: posted on 5-12-2008

It would be helpful during school/college and then later, when needed, but it would get on your nerves without pills for sleeping and stuff.
By dnavarre: posted on 6-12-2008

Imagine all the times you have been embarrassed, or made a mistake, or been abused, and then never having luxury of time washing the pain away. It could be a painful existence...
By netchicken: posted on 7-12-2008

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