Israel installs automated kill towers on its borders

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Israel installs automated kill towers on its borders

Now here is a way to protect your borders, automated kill towers that can be remotely operated. Handy for the Mexican border.

Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd has developed a networked remotely operated weapon system already guarding the 'hot borderline' along the Gaza strip.

The Israeli Army is already operating the Sentry-Tech pillbox towers, mounting remote controlled weapon stations from an operational command center, which is manned by observers, mainly female soldiers, that are round-the-clock monitoring all movement inside the Gaza Strip, primarily the close border perimeter.

As suspected hostile targets are detected and within range of Sentry-Tech positions, the weapons are slewing toward the designated target. As multiple stations can be operated by a single operator, one or more units can be used to engage the target, following identification and verification by the commander. Enabling observers to employ synchronized firepower transformed the observation post into an integrated 'sensor-and-shooter' platform capable of assuming some of the risky tasks previously done by rapid reaction forces and aerial attack platforms.

Sentry-Tech utilizes Rafael's Mini-Samson weapon station installed in Pillboxes or relocateable tower systems. Each unit mounts a 7,62 or 0.5" machine gun, shielded from enemy fire and the elements by an environmentally protective bulletproof canopy.

The system is primarily operated by remote control but can also be operated manually when required. In addition to the use of direct fire machine guns, observers can also employ precision guided missiles, such as Spike LR optically guided missiles and Lahat laser guided weapons.

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