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Visit sunny Bazra!!! Tourists welcome

The Tourism board is starting a campaign to attract tourists there. What an awesome possibility...

There are...

Ruins - heaps of them, new and old.
Marshes - heaps of them (seen one marsh you seen em all)
Beaches - nice, white, so what are you going to do - sunbathe?

And best of all hotels - The best are demolished but the others are
... Quote:
He said the city had several big hotels, like the Sheraton which was just down the road from here, but they had all been destroyed.
"But we do have some good, locally run hotels."
I was staying in one of these. The hotel feels it necessary to employ armed guards around the clock and then there are the recently erected concrete barriers to stop ram-raiding suicide bombers driving trucks through the restaurant window.
But Mr Malik was having none of it. "Such things are merely sensible precautions that need to be taken in most big cities today."
Obviously, my host had not travelled for a while.

The airport is closed to civilians...
However.... (from article)
... Quote:
That may well be because Basra's airport had long been closed to civilians.

Though Mr Malik insisted that this fact should not discourage holidaymakers from coming here.

"There are other ways of getting to Iraq such as by road," he said.

"And we've now launched a campaign to make them safer for tourists."

Given the continuing number of brutal armed carjackings and other attacks on motorists this is probably just as well.

But how, I asked Basra's new tourism manager, was he going to counter Iraq's violent and dangerous image even if the bombs and shootings should finally stop?

He shifted in his seat, and looked me firmly in the eye.

"We will organise a big advertising campaign. But visitors can best protect themselves by disbelieving the rumours of violence and terrorism. When they come to Basra they will find that these problems are not here."

As I walked towards the door, there was a squeal of moving chairs and murmuring voices as Mr Malik and his consultancy committee got back to business.

I left wondering whether I had witnessed a case of serious delusion bordering on criminal denial or the sort of courageous optimism it takes to survive here.

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By netchicken: posted on 28-6-2004

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