Atkins diet may prevent pregnancy

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Atkins diet may prevent pregnancy

So do you want a body .. or a baby?

Key points
• Research finds too much protein inhibits conception chances in mouse trial
• Less than 20% protein intake recommended for women to conceive
• Atkins Diet representative rejects the findings

Key quote
"The study subjects were mice, which are herbivores. Whether or not these findings or effects would apply to humans, who are omnivores, is unknown" - Dr Stuart Trager, medical director of Atkins Nutritionals Inc

Story in full WOMEN who strictly follow the Atkins diet could be damaging their chances of getting pregnant, according to new research.

Eating too much protein can prevent an embryo attaching to the wall of the womb or hinder its early development, the findings suggest.

Although the research was done on mice, scientists believe there are implications for humans, especially people on Atkins-style diets.

"It’s conceivable that people who have protein intakes greater than 30 per cent may have problems conceiving," said Dr David Gardner, who led the American study.

The upper limit for protein consumption under Atkins guidelines is 35 per cent of total calories, but devout disciples of the diet might consume a greater proportion.

The research stems from the observation that protein in the diet affects levels of ammonium in the female reproductive tract. In herbivorous animals such as cows this has been known to cause reproductive problems.

Previous studies have shown that ammonium harms mouse embryos grown in the laboratory, causing genetic effects and retarding development
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