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Metal in an MRI machine- magnetic fun - videos

Someone tips over a block of aluminum inside of an MRI machine. Because of the huge magnetic field opposing gravity the block falls very, very slowly.

However it leaves me wondering as aluminum isn't magnetic. Whats happening? I dunno.

Here is an oxygen bottle being put in an MRI machine (Aren't they aluminum as well?)

... Quote:
Some estimates put the strength of MRI magnets at tens of thousands of times the strength of the Earthís magnetic field.

Thatís why hospital staff (try to) make sure you remove all jewelry and metallic objects from your person before patients get scanned. Usually metal plates in peopleís heads and so on are made from surgical steel that wonít respond to the MRIís magnet, but there have been cases where metal staples in peopleís brains have come loose, triggering aneurysms, and tiny slivers of metal in peopleís eyes (from a previous accident, long settled) have moved, blinding them. Pacemakers and MRI machines generally donít mix, and several deaths have resulted from their unwitting combination.


Here's a chair stuck in an MRI machine!

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By netchicken: posted on 2-1-2009

Basic science something about neutron, free radicals or something like that about the aluminum. But remember what you stated about he amount of magnetism being generated by the machine. It could slow the drop. But why does it not pull the iron out of our blood when we are put in it?
By Enigma: posted on 3-1-2009

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