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Israel enters Gaza - interesting tactics and equipment

As Israeli military move into Gaza under the cover of darkness some interesting information emerge on the tactics and equipment used.

Firstly Israel is cutting Gaza in half with an amphibious advance from the coast and through the middle. This will restrict the movement of Hamas and allow Israel to clear sectors. Refugees from Gaza city itself will be allowed into the safe zones. This will create a Fallujah style war where the city can be emptied of non combatants.

Secondly some of the first vehicles to enter Gaza have been Humvee's with fake turrets and camouflaged to look like tanks. These vehicles are used during practice firings as targets for the military to represent tanks, but in this case they may be used to draw anti tank fire from the Terrorists and exhaust their advanced anti tank weaponry. They could also be used to confuse Hamas as to where the tanks will actually enter.

You can see the humvees at about 40seconds into the video from the BBC

The image below is of the back of the Humvees, the video of the front is more obscured.

Israel-in-gaza.jpg - 11.66kb
By netchicken: posted on 4-1-2009

Smoke shell or cluster bomb pic of Gaza

At present a popular and controversial picture on the net is that of a either a cluster bomb, or smoke shell exploding over Gaza.

A Spanish newspaper seems to think its a cluster bomb quoting Hamas to that effect.

However its easy to see its a smoke bomb, why? No subsequent explosions from the clusters. If it was a cluster bomb then there would be further images too show the explosions.

Also why would Israel put a cluster bomb exactly where their troops would be a few hours later? That's just stupid, and the Israelis are certainly not stupid.

According to sources its an M25 smoke phosphorus shell put over an open field to hide troop movements

smoke-shell-gaza.jpg - 18.16kb
By netchicken: posted on 4-1-2009

Hamas nearly kidnapped soldier. Lucky for him he managed to get away.

The eastern outskirts of Gaza City was where the Israel Defense Forces encountered the most serious resistance yet since the Gaza ground incursion began Saturday.

Troops who raided the home of a Hamas man in the area Sunday discovered that the house served as cover for the entrance of no fewer than three underground tunnels, from which Hamas gunmen fled to nearby houses and fired.

In one tunnel, Hamas gunmen got into a close-range battle with a soldier from the Golani Brigade who got separated from the other troops. It appears the Palestinians tried to abduct the soldier by dragging him into the tunnel. He managed to get away and rejoin the other troops. That's the basis of the rumor Hamas spread Sunday, when it claimed to have kidnapped two soldiers.

The rumor, which foreign television stations turned into a report, also leaked to the Israeli press and increased public fears for several hours. The IDF spokesman put off issuing a denial for several hours (during which Hamas spread additional wrong reports), reinforcing the notion that there was no reason to get dragged along by the enemy's media manipulations.
By netchicken: posted on 5-1-2009

Israel has started using an IED clearing device nickednamed "atomic bomb" by the Lebanese, as a prelude to entering the city.

The system is a unique implementation of fuel-air explosive technology. It is an autonomous add-on kit that can be quickly fitted in the field to any armored vehicle.

For minefield breaching, up to 20 rockets are fired in a rapid sequence. The number of rockets used is tailored for the type of target engaged. At the impact point, each rocket disperses a spray of fuel above the target area, to form the fuel-air explosive cloud. The detonation creates a strong impulse over a wide area, which triggers most mines, regardless of terrain, foliage or man-made obstacles.

The explosion clears a safe passage, wide enough for safe movement of all combat vehicles. Firing a salvo of rockets from a distance of 65-165 meters from the forward edge of the minefield, Carpet enables breaching a path 100 meters long, within one minute.

More on it here http://www.defense-update.c...

Empty device in image, holes are filled with rockets.

ied-clearing.jpg - 8.92kb
By netchicken: posted on 6-1-2009

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