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Failure of American news organizations

What kind of news reporting do we have in the United States? It seems to be on the side of terrorism and against people who just want to be left alone. It seems fairly apparent that this religious war being conducted by Hamas from the Gaza Strip is aimed at killing Jewish citizens. Randomly aimed rockets at the countryside are certainly not militarily oriented. They are designed to terrorize people and get publicity. And contrary to all the ethics of good news reporting, we are getting a heavy dose of public "outcry" about the wicked Israel and the deaths and injuries from the aerial attacks.

Why don't we get a look at the Israeli people huddling in bomb shelters because of the fanatical religious beliefs of an organization that says this sector of the world does not have a right to exist? When's the last time you saw any pictures of Jewish people injured or killed in the rocket attacks from Hamas? Why are NBC, ABC and CBS devoting so much time to the cries of outrage about Israel and nothing about Hamas? There are two sides to this story!

I know what it is like to huddle in between your parents in the middle of the night with the air raid sirens going off and sixteen-inch anti-aircraft guns going off repeatedly less than three blocks from our house in Honolulu. That went on for almost four years from 1941 to 1945. Have you experienced this type of terror? How would you react if, while this was going on, you constantly heard about people around the world who said you were wrong to protect yourself?

It's a grim day when we cannot depend on the "news" to at least attempt to make a fair and equitable report of what is actually going on. How are we as citizens supposed to deal with the world community when we cannot even get a true picture of what is happening on a daily basis? Don't you think there should be some kind of control of these kinds of things? There is - it's called "ethics" and it appears as though it has disappeared down the toilet along with a lot of other important human issues. Seems like these news vultures will do anything to sell more ads.

The fanatical propaganda being promoted by the Arabic television Al-Jazeera should be aggressively countered with the truth promulgated by United States television stations. Anything less is a failure to live up to our obligations as a free country. NBC, CBS and ABC are failing the people of the United States as well as providing more propaganda for the crazies. There must be something we can do to stop it. Do YOU have any ideas that have any hope of working?

For many years I have been saying that a single low yield nuclear device dropped on Tehran and another on Pyongyang would go a long ways towards settling the entire world down. Imagine the thinking of these crazy dictators like Chavez when they find out we mean business. Don't you think they'd shut up and slink away into their hole, trembling with fear? How long would Mugabe last if his people knew we were after him? As the Japanese admiral said in 1941 "I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant". What is it going to take this time? Wasn't 9/11 enough?

Fritz Owens

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December 15, 2008

Carnage in the Mid-East
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By pianofritz: posted on 5-1-2009

G'day Fritz,

I agree with you about reporting the truth, right up until you chose to solve the issue by using mass murder of civilians to make the bad guys tremble with fear. I think you should have a good think about what you are proposing. Tehran and Pyongyang both have nukes, and have not used them, but you would.

So who's the bad guy here?
By Kingy: posted on 6-1-2009

I think that often any criticism of Israel is tolerated regardless of the justification. Its a hatred of Israel more than support of the Palestinians that seems to be the root.

Once you open the door to using nuclear weapons then you give everyone the justification to use them. As Pakistan has nuclear weapons the opportunity arises that a terrorist groups could get one and use it with the same justification on America. One threat of a nuc on Israel would be enough to destroy it as people fled from the fear.

I thought low level nuclear weapons could be used on the unoccupied Pakistan / Afghanistan border to close the smuggling and Taliban supply routes.
By netchicken: posted on 6-1-2009

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