The British are unable feed themselves so create Food Police

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The British are unable feed themselves so create Food Police

Its a stereotype that the British don't know about food. Looks like there might be some basis in reality to that meme. Just because you are at home doesn't mean you can scoff crisps and coke for dinner with fish and chips, the food police will be checking out your kitchen.

SQUADRONS of “Food Police” are to start knocking on doors to lecture families on how to feed themselves properly.

In a move branded “Government nannying at its worst”, the teams – oper ated by councils across the country – will be recruited to visit homes at meal times before handing out advice on diet and how to reduce waste.

Eight thousand Food Police, or Love Food Champions under their official title, will be paid up to £8.50 an hour of taxpayers’ cash. And if a pilot scheme is successful, the idea could be rolled out across the country, costing the taxpayer tens of millions of pounds.

Employed by a private contractor, the teams will advise householders on how to plan their shopping carefully so that they do not over-cater.

They will also explain the difference between “best before”, “use by” and “sell by” dates, before giving out tips on home composting. Advice will be given on how to cook with leftovers and how best to use your freezer.

In addition to knocking on doors, the officials will leave a leaflet at every address they visit. The project is part of the Waste and Resources Action Programme’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign, which has so far cost £4million. Critics remain unimpressed.

Peter Ainsworth, Shadow Environment Secretary, said: “You might have thought, at a time of economic hardship, that spending public money on stating the obvious is hardly a priority.

“With household budgets under pressure, most people are looking to spend wisely and waste less anyway.”

TaxPayers’ Alliance chief executive Matthew Elliott said: “This is a prime example of excessive Government nannying and a waste of public money.”

The programme claims food waste has a significant environmental impact, in terms of the carbon generated to grow, transport and package items and the cost of having to dispose of them. It says stopping food waste could reduce the annual emission of carbon dioxide by 18million tons – the same as taking one in five cars off the roads.

The scheme is also designed to fight obesity and poor diet. In a seven-week trial, eight officials will call at 24,500 homes, giving advice and recipes.

The pilot scheme, costing £30,000, may be extended nationwide if seen as a success. It will initially cover six council areas in Worcestershire and Herefordshire. A Department of Health source said: “It’s only by knocking on doors you can find out what people have for tea and offer healthy tips.”

Tim Burns, from Waste Watch, the contractor responsible, said: “Food waste has a high impact on climate change and we can all do something about it.” He defended the amount of paper used in the free booklet, saying it would help to reduce waste overall.
By netchicken: posted on 26-1-2009

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