The pilot who shot himself down

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The pilot who shot himself down

Pete Purvis talks about the day he shot himself down in an F14 with a malfunctioning sparrow missile.

Hey, I’d like you to meet the guy who shot himself down.” Quite often, that’s how my friends have introduced me. This unique honor belongs to me and another Grumman test pilot, Tommy Attridge, who did it in an F-11F-1 fighter that he flew into a hail of 20mm rounds he had just fired during a supersonic gunnery test.

Several years later, as a test pilot for Grumman Aerospace flying out of Point Mugu, California, I found a more modern way to do this using a Sparrow missile and the no. 6 F-14A Tomcat—at that time, the Navy’s fighter of the future. Nearly 30 years later, that day—June 20, 1973— remains sharp in my memory.

Its a great read

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