Stegosaurus image found on ancient Khmer temple

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Stegosaurus image found on ancient Khmer temple

There are numerous images of dinosaurs around the world made by ancient people on temples, rocks and other places, this one however is really obvious, a Stegosaurus pictured in the decoration of a Cambodian temple.

Some researchers, claim that dinosaurs might have continued to roam remote parts of the earth as recently as a few hundred years ago. A few even claim that there might be some small populations of dinosaurs, otherwise believed to be extinct, surviving in the world’s most isolated forests.

This photo of a motif on the Ta Prohm Temple deep in the jungles of Cambodia is the work of the remarkable Khmer civilization which lasted from the 800’s AD until the 1400’s AD.

Much more on this discovery on the link

Example of a Stegosaurus
Interpretation of Stegosaurus, a herbivorous reptile of the Late Jurassic Period. It is estimated that these dinosaurs had a length of about 26-30 feet (8-9 meters), about 9 feet (2.75 meters) tall, and weighed about 6,800 pounds (3,100 kg). From here

Many more images of this carving can be found on this site.

dinosaur-in-temple-carving.jpg - 59.51kb
By netchicken: posted on 14-3-2009

Hmmmmmm............that sure is an intresting pic. My first thought was hoax, but now I'm beginning to think it may not be a Stegosaurus carved on the wall. Perhaps it's another animal and the plates coming out of the back are some unrelated decoration.
By mg.mikael: posted on 14-3-2009

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