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Surrogate mothers wanted for a humanzee

Surrogate mothers are wanted in Portland to carry a human / chimpanzee cross to birth and beyond. Sure, why not? What possible harm could occur?

Opportunity for Mothers; Science, Health, and Understanding (Portland Metro)

Date: 2009-03-28, 2:11PM PDT

This is an exciting opportunity for a young woman in the Portland Metro area. We are looking for candidates 18-24 who have at least one child and who are interested in helping contribute to the field of science.

We are seeking a woman who would work as a surrogate for a humanzee. The ideal candidate would be able to come to our office in Portland two to three times a week for the length of the pregnancy (an estimated 7.5 months).

Humanzees are cross breeds of humans and chimpanzees. Our lab has a long history of working towards a successful crossbreed, but we have yet to be successful; most of our trials involved impregnating female chimps with male human donor sperm.

In light of these failures, we have moved to a newer system where we will impregnate human female surrogates with semen from our chimpanzees.

As a surrogate we ask that you take very good care of your health and record your diet, activity level, and time of bowel movement daily. At the time of birth you must waive your rights to the new-born creature and sign over guardianship to the organization. For this, we will pay all of your medical fees associated with the pregnancy, including one dental exam. A generous stipend, to be negotiated upon interview, will be paid for the duration of the pregnancy and four months after birth.

Please, only women 18-24 with at least one successful pregnancy. No smokers or heavy drinkers. Employment only upon successful medical exam.

By netchicken: posted on 30-3-2009

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