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The amazing hidden carpark - video

Imagine you were short of space on your section, or didn't want an ugly carpark spoiling your view, then this hidden carpark would be a great idea. Not only that but your car would be totally safe from potential theives.

Hidden parking spaces which pop up from your drive have become a must-have home-improvement in London.

The 40,000 parking spots can be hidden beneath a flowerbed, lawn, or even another parking space.

Owners simply press a button on a keyring to raise they car out of the ground much like the rocket launching apparatus in Thunderbirds.

There is already a four month waiting list to get the sci-fi style parking space installed and bosses of Cardok - the company behind the hydraulic platforms - say orders are pouring in faster than they can build them.

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By netchicken: posted on 3-4-2009

That's pretty cool, but then again when you have to to any sorta maintentance on your car you have no where to do it, but outside on the lawn. Though the rich b****** that own these things, don't do anything anyways.
By mg.mikael: posted on 3-4-2009

You could always leave the carpark up and work on it like normal.

What if you could park a second car on the roof of that carpark, then 2 cars would only take the space of one.
By netchicken: posted on 3-4-2009

i believe that those houses have a basement that the car elevator leads to so u can have like 20 cars and a place to keep them safe and work on them. if u had a porshea o ferreri or a classic car, would u want to leave them in the open all the time where someone could steel them or something.
By tastycakes: posted on 15-4-2009

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