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Trees on Mars

I saw the pictures of the trees on Mars.
The size on one of the tops is estimated to be 0.6 miles in diameter.
This is not a totally outrageous dimension for a tree.
If you go to California, and go to the Great Redwood forest you will see trees with a trunk of over 30 feet in diameter. Some of these tress are over a thousand years old.
The trees in Mars are several thousand years old and their environment has remained pretty much the same, so growth could have continued for a long time. At present, they could be totally FROZEN; after all they are near the polar region.
Why NASA won't investigate is beyond me; or they are lying....
By FlyBoy: posted on 16-4-2009

Been there :)

Here is an article on trees on Mars with the solution, they are columns of carbon Dioxide :)

With pics as well.
By netchicken: posted on 16-4-2009

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