How does this helicopter fly?

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How does this helicopter fly?

The rotors don't seem to be turning. Is there a strobe effect happening with the rotors actually moving but being seen stopped? Do the other engines in the helicopter provide lift? Is it photoshopped?
By netchicken: posted on 26-4-2009

:sh it could be some sort of thrust vectoring
By tastycakes: posted on 28-4-2009

F stop(frame stop) has been adjusted to make the faster moving tail rotor to move slower. which in turn makes the mains slow to a stop. it is all an illusion cool
By Enigma: posted on 29-4-2009

Freaky as shit, did you say that it was some adjustment with the camera/ film that did this? I can see that, but still freaky as shit...
By peregrine: posted on 7-7-2009

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