Iran cancels air show after Israel planned to bomb it

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Iran cancels air show after Israel planned to bomb it

Iran canceled part of its much advertised airshow after Russia warned them that Israel was going to bomb all its aircraft the night before. So much for Iran being able to defend itself when it resorted to hiding its aircraft from Israel.

Iranian and intelligence sources disclose that Moscow warned Tehran Friday April 17 that Israel was planning to destroy all 140 fighter-bombers concentrated at the Mehr-Abad Air Force base for an air show over Tehran on Iran's Army Day the following day. The entire fleet was accordingly removed to remote bases and the display canceled.

In the first week of April, Tehran announced it would stage its biggest air show ever to dramatize a ceremonial military parade in the capital on April 18.

Iran would show the world that it is capable of fighting off an Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities. Instead only four aircraft flew over the saluting stand. Iranian media explained that the big show was canceled due to "bad weather and poor visibility," when in fact Tehran basked in warm and sunny weather.

Moscow had informed the Iranians that its spy satellites and intelligence sources had picked up preparations at Israeli Air Force bases to destroy the 140 warplanes, the bulk of the Iranian air force, on the ground the night before the display, leaving its nuclear sites without aerial defense. A similar operation wiped out the entire Egyptian air fleet in the early hours of the 1967 war.

Here is a link to the Iranian airshow from 2008, I see that some of the images are called 2006 so just how recent they are is debatable.

On the wikipedia for Iran Kish airshow
By netchicken: posted on 1-5-2009

Those damn Ruskies. What the hell is there problem?! Helping out a terrosist country, but why? oil, money, women? Those Ruskies need to smart up or be taken down a notch.

This should be reported on the major news agencies to show the threat of Russia. Yet the lousy liberal media reports more on Obamas damn Portugese water dog then important world news.
By mg.mikael: posted on 3-5-2009

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