Unmanned patrol vehicle enters service in Israel

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Unmanned patrol vehicle enters service in Israel

An unmanned autonomous patrol vehicle has entered service and is now patrolling the Gaza and Lebanon borders. It drives and avoids obstacles autonomously, and allows the control unit to take over it, if something happens.

It also multiple sensors and can send real time information to controllers as well unmanned drone and helicopters.

It can have various equipment mounted on it, such as weapons as well.

The Genius' purpose is to give the IDF a good situation awareness through its many sensors distributed all along the vehicle's body. Once armed infiltrators have been detected, AH-64 and combat units are called to finish the work. A good way to avoid kidnapping.

Genius travels autonomously from point A to point B while avoiding obstacles. It navigates through the road traffic, safely and by itself, with the help of motion detection and special algorithms
The video is in Hebrew

To reduce the risk of potential for kidnappings, the IDF has been seeking ways deny guerillas the element of surprise and to limit face-to-face engagement of IDF combatants with the enemy.

Recently, the IDF unveiled several new devices that it has been using to do just that.

Most impressive is an unmanned ground patrol vehicle, called the Genius, mainly for border patrol missions.

The robot, developed jointly by Israel's two largest defense manufacturers, Elbit and the Israel Aerospace Industry, was reportedly intended to reduce the risk of cross-border kidnappings.

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By netchicken: posted on 12-5-2009

Very neat, those Israeli's always developing some sort of cool tech.
By mg.mikael: posted on 16-5-2009

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