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A truck full of hate

Every place has its morons, yet how many have it plastered over their cars like this Kentuckian?
What the bumper stickers say (complied from the link below)
... Quote:
Thousand years of evolution and still the only thing arab muslim's can do is throw rocks and blow themselves up

The u.n. Must reclassify arab's muslim's as an animal or (something) for they have proven they are not human

Every day i take an o slimy bin rotten and wipe it with a koran

Allah was a pig. Mohammed was a monkey.

Follow the money to the mosque and from there to the terrorist

If you scumbags want a "holy war" stop this vehicle!

Muslims wear their dirty diaper's on their head, because they are too lazy to wash...

Boycott all taxicabs driven by disgusting arab muslim maggots
Bomb mecca!

The only good arab is a dead arab

O slimy bin rotten is a fag and his mother and wives are crack head whores.

Mosque are terrorist training, indocrination communication and logistics center's for muslim maggots

When muslim maggots pray, it looks like they are sending farts to alla the pig and farting in the faces of their infidel comrades to the rear.

The most disgusting, pornographic book ever written is the koran.

Hollywood tobacco & liquor please boycott Adhess market please boycott

Allah had sex with mohammed both had sex with their mama, producing the arab, islamic bastard maggots of today

Saudi arabia is not our ally they are disgusting inbred coward bastards

Kill osama bin laden and all his arab and muslim islamic bastard follower's now

From: http://www.reddit.com/r/WTF...


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By netchicken: posted on 6-6-2009

What a douche.
By fredward11: posted on 8-6-2009

The things he puts on his car makes America look like a bunch of ignorant red-heads. No wonder so many countries hate us.
By mg.mikael: posted on 9-6-2009

Thousand years of evolution and still the only thing arab muslim's can do is throw rocks and blow themselves up

Thousand years of evolution and all he can do is buy a bunch of racist bumperstickers.
By fredward11: posted on 11-6-2009

To be fair, he might be a disabled vet with some severe resentment, as he has a disabled plate.

But still thats one angry person. With such a distinctive plate as that he should be easy to trace and ask.
By netchicken: posted on 11-6-2009

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