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Website of travel horror stories - funny

When the travel brochure and reality don't match, this site has stories about peoples experiences on holiday. Funny....

1. Worst Bus Ride

Toronto Transit Commission’s route 33A, which I rode every day to school. The bus was so slow and dependable that it helped drive me away from Canada and out into the wild, unpredictable and ever-surprising wider world.

2. Worst Decision on the Road

In rural Burma while researching Under the Dragon, I accepted the offer of a ride into the Shan hills from a warlord.

During the journey he drank heavily, shot dozens of tropical birds with an AK-47 and at the end of the day pulled out his pistol and accused me of not respecting him. It was the worst decision because I took along my wife, and so endangered her life. The journey could have gone very, very badly. The decision still haunts me to this day.

3. Worst Flight

A Cubana Airlines internal flight with chickens in the overhead compartments and livestock in the aisle. On the final approach to Havana I thought I was going to die (from the smell).

4. Worst Car Rental

Once I rented a car in France – I won’t say where – from a total charlatan. He promised me a new model, but gave me an old banger. He said I could collect it at nine in the morning, but didn’t turn up until noon. He assured me there would be no mileage charge, and that too was a lie. So in a desire for some small justice, I disconnected the odometer and drove hundreds of miles without clocking up a single one of them.

5. Worst Souvenir

While researching Magic Bus, traveling across Asia along the old hippie trail, I was careful about my diet. I was so relieved to have survived Afghanistan that, when I crossed into Pakistan and stayed with a Canadian friend in Peshawar, I let down my guard… and ate a peanut butter and jam sandwich with accompanying lettuce leaf. I suffered from amoebic dysentery for the following month.
By netchicken: posted on 17-6-2009

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