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Magician Derren Brown predicts winning lottery numbers

Britain was awash with speculation today about how magician Derren Brown managed to predict the National Lottery results before the big draw last night.

Has he been blessed with the gift of foresight? Or was it simply a sleight-of-hand that will leave us smacking our foreheads with our palms when he reveals his method tomorrow?

Either way, the internet was soon flooded with ideas - from the rational to the crackpot - as to how Derren found the secret to lottery fortune.

The illusionist seemingly wrote down the six winning balls of the Midweek Lotto Draw hours before they were randomly chosen by the machine.

He claimed he had written down his predictions on six white balls earlier in the day which were turned back to front from the audience because Camelot had allegedly said only the BBC could reveal the lottery result

Seemingly overcome by much nervous excitement he then watched the lottery draw on a TV screen and, seconds later, turned round his white balls to reveal they were exactly the same as the numbers he'd copied from the TV screen on to a piece of white card: 2, 11, 23, 28, 35 and 39.

His seemingly incredible feat was broadcast from a small studio live on Channel 4 at the same time as the BBC1 screened its Midweek Lotto programme at 10.35pm - dispelling any rumours that the show was pre-recorded.

One rumour suggested that Brown was able to see winning numbers through a link to the BBC draw a few moments before they were broadcast live enabling him to quickly write the correct numbers down before they were broadcast to the audience.

Another rumour suggested that an assistant was writing down the correct numbers as the balls were being drawn.

There was also speculation it could have all been staged for the cameras.

Another slightly more dubious theory speculates that the illusionist has studied the lottery machine and realized that there is a problem that makes certain numbers more probable.

What is certain is that Brown would have walked away with 2.4million if he had actually bought a lottery ticket with those six numbers - there were no jackpot winners for last night's draw.

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By netchicken: posted on 11-9-2009

Here is how he did it as outlined by someone else. Its really clever, and worth watching.

By netchicken: posted on 14-9-2009

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