Two potential car bombers arrested while trying to blow up buildings in the USA

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Two potential car bombers arrested while trying to blow up buildings in the USA

Here is something you don't read in the mainstream news. Two potential bombers have been arrested by the FBI in separate stings when trying to blow up buildings. Thankfully their munitions had been replaced by fakes. September 24, 2009

The FBI has made two arrests in the last 48 hours in separate undercover operations in which would-be bombers were given fake explosives which they proceeded to try to detonate near major buildings. Below are excerpts from FBI press releases.

Springfield, Il.:
... Quote:
The affidavit alleges that on Aug. 14, 2009, Finton and the undercover officer made a video recording in which Finton provided his own political rationale for attacking the United States. Days later, Finton allegedly made two more videos in which he spoke of his belief that America is at war with Islam.

On Sept. 1, 2009, Finton met with the undercover FBI officer and was told the vehicle for the attack would be carrying close to one ton of explosives. According to the affidavit, Finton indicated an awareness that the bomb would cause civilian casualties, but expressed his view that such casualties were justified. Unbeknownst to Finton, the FBI ensured that the vehicle for the attack contained no actual explosive materials.

On September 23, 2009, [Michael C.] Finton drove a van containing what he understood to be explosive material and parked it directly in front of the northwest corner of the federal building.

Finton got out of the van, locked the door and got into another vehicle driven by the undercover FBI officer and drove away. Within a few blocks of the federal building, Finton made a cell phone call to remotely detonate the purported bomb in the van. FBI agents arrested Finton immediately after he attempted to detonate the device. http://tpmlivewire.talkingp...

Dallas, Texas:
... Quote:
The FBI developed an investigative plan to determine Smadi's true intent while also protecting the public's safety. Smadi made clear his intention to serve as a soldier for Usama Bin Laden and al Qaeda, and to conduct violent jihad.

Undercover FBI agents, posing as members of an al Qaeda "sleeper" cell, were introduced to Smadi, who repeatedly indicated to them that he came to the U.S. for the specific purpose of committing "Jihad for the sake of God." Smadi clarified that he was interested in "self-jihad," because it was "the best type of jihad." Smadi was interested in violent jihad against those he deemed to be enemies of Islam. The investigation determined Smadi was not associated with other terrorist organizations.

Throughout the investigation, undercover FBI agents repeatedly encouraged Smadi to reevaluate his interpretation of jihad, counseling him that the obligations a Moslem has to perform jihad can be satisfied in many ways. Every time this interaction occurred, Smadi aggressively responded that he was going to commit significant, conspicuous acts of violence as his jihad.

In June 2009, Smadi identified potential targets in the Dallas area; but in mid-July, he notified an undercover FBI agent that he had changed his mind regarding the targets. On July 21, 2009, Smadi met with an undercover FBI agent and directed the agent to drive them to a Wells Fargo Bank in downtown Dallas. Smadi and the undercover FBI agent then drove to 1445 Ross Avenue where the Fountain Place office tower is located. A Wells Fargo Bank is located in that building. Smadi went into the building where he conducted his own reconnaissance.

In late August 2009, while meeting with one of the undercover FBI agents in Dallas, Smadi discussed the logistics and timing of the bombing, stating that he would have preferred to do the attack on "11 September," but decided to wait until after the month of Ramadan, which ended on September 20, 2009.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Smadi decided that a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) would be placed at the foundation of the Fountain Place office tower. Unbeknownst to Smadi, the FBI ensured the VBIED contained only an inert/inactive explosive device which contained no explosive materials.. http://tpmlivewire.talkingp...

In both cases, the FBI said there was no connection to the alleged terror plot in New York and Colorado.

More information on the link http://www.talkingpointsmem...
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