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The firefighters...

When a large oil well caught fire the company sent out a call for Red Adaire to come a put the fire out.

Adiare assembled his team and went at once to the inferno. Standing off about a half mile from the well he was busy assessing the fire and determining how to attack the flames, when a ute from Red Rangi Firefighters roared past leaving a trail of dust right into the center of the inferno.

There were loud screams and yells from the fire as people piled out of the ute and started beating out the flames with wet sacks.

Much to Adaire's surprise the fire was extinguished and the exhausted men climbed back into their ute and drove up to where Red was standing with his mouth open in shock.

Red said to them "That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. We were going to get 1 million dollars for putting the fire out and we feel it only fair that you receive the fee instead".

Red Rangi expressed his gratitude to the oil baron.

"Tell me." said Adaire, " That's a lot of money, what you will do with all that?"

"Well, " said Red Rangi, " The first thing we are gonna do is get the brakes on that ute fixed."
By netchicken: posted on 9-8-2004

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