How comedians deal with hecklers - usually not very well

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How comedians deal with hecklers - usually not very well

Surprisingly enough, for an occupation concerned with humor, comedians don't take being heckled very well. Here are some of the more inventive and famous replies to hecklers. There does seem to be an underlying insecurity in comedians when performing.

* Comedian Larry the Cable Guy once responded to a female heckler from the audience, who shouted "I love you Larry!" by saying "I told you to wait in the truck". The comedian then blew the woman a kiss. This is an example of positive heckling.

* On his album "These Are Jokes", Demetri Martin invites fellow comedian Will Forte to the stage, which results in an audience member shouting, "I love you!" Martin responds to this by saying, "That was someone from the audience, not Will Forte."

* Comic Jim Tavare went on stage with the opening line, "I'm a schizophrenic..." to which someone immediately replied, "Fuck off then both of you."

* Another infamous heckle came when Jo Brand, a comedienne not renowned for her looks, went onstage to be greeted by a man shouting "Don't show us your tits."

* Rodney Dangerfield on his album "No Respect" responded to a heckler with "Hey buddy you oughta save your breath. You'll need it later to blow up your inflatable date."

* One time a heckler called out to Rodney Dangerfield, "Hey Rodney, what do you do for a living?" to which Rodney replied, "I find men for your sister!".

* Sam Kinison took on a heckler who shouted "Speak up" with a long and brutal attack about the heckler's mother. "That's what your mom said when I was leaving her house..."

* British comedian Roy Chubby Brown once dealt with a heckler by interrupting his act and asking the audience member in question "Is your mother a weightlifter? No? Then how did she raise a dumbbell like you?"

* In one of Steve Martin's records, he can be heard responding to a heckler by saying "I remember when I had my first beer."

* Harry Hill once responded to a heckler by saying "You may heckle me now, but when I get home I've got a chicken in the oven", which is a good example of silencing a heckler without insulting them.

* Paul Merton once responded to a heckler with the line: "Excuse me, I'm trying to work here. How would you like it if I stood yelling down the alley while you're giving blowjobs to transsexuals?".

* Craig Ferguson once dealt with a heckler by apparently ignoring him and speaking at length about the film The Godfather - in particular the famous scene where a Hollywood producer awakens to find the severed head of his multi-million dollar racehorse in his bed. Ferguson said that ever since he first saw the film, he had wondered what had happened to the rest of the animal, but was delighted that he had finally (pointing to the heckler) "found the horse's arse!"

* Comedian Jimmy Carr once responded to a heckler shouting "Where's ALAN Carr?" by saying "Probably at home fucking your Dad"

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By netchicken: posted on 27-9-2009

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