Fully laden tank gets destroyed - amazing explosions

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Fully laden tank gets destroyed - amazing explosions

A Swedish tank is hit with a RBS 57 BILL Anti-Tank missile. The secondary explosions are spectacular. This was during a demonstration movie. The Tank was empty.

The missile's shaped charge warhead shoots a high speed rod of molten metal through the armor. Once this jet penetrates the armor it expands outwards inside the tank damaging and igniting things. From the outside this doesn't look like much at all. Perhaps like shooting an elephant with a small caliber bullet.

But on the inside of the tank molten metal does a lot of damage. In this case it has ignited some of the tankís ammunition. Not the shells but the propellant cartridges that fire the shells. When they explode outside of the gunís breech they burn intensely like in this video. There are several bursts of fire which probably indicates different magazines within the tank exploding.

Which is why a good tank has such rounds enclosed in special armored containers and magazines so if the tankís armor is penetrated they donít explode so radically.

Itís hard to tell from the video but the target tank looks like the thin armor IKV91 light tank which has two magazines (why there are two separate main explosions). The 90mm gun on the IKV91 uses a double base propellant (like most guns) which is a combination of nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose. So what you are watching burn is a lot of nitroglycerin!

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